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That fangirl who likes pink and kpop, namely: Jessica Jung, Girls' Generation, Wonder Girls, Super Junior, EXO, Block B, B1A4, WINNER, Apink, and etc. <3
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"Chocolates are overrated" says my little cousin, Cynthia. I asked her why and she replied she loves vanilla. I wondered why she said that randomly and then I remembered. She once asked me a word that has many different meanings. The example I gave was "stand". Stand can mean standing or it could mean as a position that you truly believe in and well, she apparently understood “stand” as a belief. Now, she believes in the power of vanilla. 

Anyways, once she knew she had a stand, she did her cute little annoying ways to support it. Whenever Johnny from next door would drop by and give Ellie, my little cousin’s older sister (in other words, also my cousin), a box of chocolates to signify his courtship, little Cynthia would take the box of chocolate and scold Johnny for his “mean” ways for not following the main rule of the house which is “NO MORE CHOCOLATES, ONLY VANILLA PLEASE”. I don’t know why but my cousin’s family accepted little Cynthia’s stand on chocolates. Maybe it’s because both my aunt and uncle are diabetics and Ellie is so media-conscious of her weight that chocolates can make a person “fat”.

Oh well. At least they’re supportive of the power of vanilla. 

So Johnny stopped giving chocolates, instead he gave Ellie a bunch of roses which lead little Cynthia to have an allergy. Again, the family took a “stand”, this time it was “No more chocolates, flowers and Johnny” and Johnny never came back. Poor roses, it was all Johnny’s fault.  

Cynthia recovered and she still believes in her stand. Everything she buys are all white to signify vanilla. White. Pure white. At first it was okay. Then, it started to get annoying.

“Jane, where are you going?” said my little vanilla cousin.

“I’m going to a party. It’s my friend’s 16th birthday.” I said to her while adjusting my cocktail dress.

“Ooooohhh.. but why are you wearing black?” She sat on my bed.

“It’s a black-or-white party. I only have a black dress.” I began to do my makeup.

“Nuh-uh! You have a white one!”

“It has a stain on it Cynthia. It’s disgusting if I wear a stained white dress to the party.”

“It’s not! You could just cover it up with a jacket or something.” I put on my red lipstick and looked at her.

“Uh-huh. A jacket. Do you want me to be taken by the fashion police or something? That is so not cute.”

“Just as long as you’re wearing white! White is for vanilla! You do support my vanilla stand, do you?”

I sighed and tousled my hair. I looked in the mirror and saw my little cousin pouting. I walked and sat next to her.

“Look, I believe in your stand. I do. It’s just that not everything in this world should focus only to your stand.  There are other things that are equally important to vanilla. Take for example, chocolate.”

Her face crinkled as I said the dreaded sweet. My mind secretly laughed at her expression.

“Chocolate may not be important to you but for others, it is. It is a sign of sweetness or in wooing a person. Like Johnny and all other men out there. Most men think that the way to a girl’s heart is through being sweet so they give sweets to their sweetheart.” I paused and analyzed my words. Was I that redundant? Oh well. At least little Cynthia is listening.

“So that’s why chocolate can be important to another person.”

“But, vanilla is so much better!” she whined. She didn’t get the point. Sigh. 7-year olds.

“Look, the purpose for a stand is not to force people in accepting your belief, the real purpose for a stand is to let people relate and feel for that belief. A stand is for someone or something that is done in the society. It can be bad, it can be good but mostly its bad. That’s why you take a stand against it. I know you may not understand this yet, but time will come that you will. Now, I’m going to be late and I’m still not yet ready. So go down and bother your sister. I’ll talk to you when I’m not busy, okay?” She pouted but nodded anyway. Cynthia left and I fixed my hair.

15 Years Later

I was browsing through the newspaper and I encountered an article. It says,


A smile went into my face. I guess she really understood what a stand really meant.